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Nomination Form


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  • Members have the ability to electronically nominate a 501(c)(3) to donate to up to three days prior to the meeting.  All deadlines are listed below.

  • No political, religious or national organizations may be nominated.

  • The 501(C)(3) must be in the Town of Huntington and serve the Town of Huntington community or; if the filing or physical address is outside of the Town of Huntington, they must have proof that they serve the Town of Huntington and that the donation will go directly to the Huntington community.

  • If you cannot evidence/have a written commitment by the governing body stating that all funds will be used to benefit the Town of Huntington community your nomination will not be considered. Our goal in creating and guiding this process is to be as inclusive as possible, but within the guidelines of our original mission.

  • Prior to the meeting, all nominations will be checked to verify that they service Huntington township residents, in addition to checking the status of their 501(c)(3)s.  

  • On the evening of the meeting, three organizations will be randomly drawn. 

  • All individuals that nominated an organization must be present or that organization will be eliminated for that evening. 

  • Those individuals will then have five minutes to convince the membership why their nomination should be selected. 

  • Next, there will be a five minute Q & A. 

  • Once that process is complete, the membership votes, and the votes are tallied. 

  • Once the winner is selected, all 100 of us write a $100 check payable directly to the winning organization.

  • To keep things equitable, once an organization receives money from the 100 Women of Huntington, they cannot be nominated again for three years.  Organizations that fall under the umbrella of another organization that has already received money is also not eligible for nomination for three years. 

Nomination deadlines:

2/26 @ 11:59 P.M. for the 3/1 meeting

5/28 @ 11:59 P.M. for the 5/31 meeting 

9/17 @ 11:59 P.M. for the 9/20 meeting

11/26 @ 11:59 P.M. for the 11/29 meeting

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