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1.   Do I have to be present to vote? Yes

2.  If I am not present, does my team leader vote for me? NO

3.  I support 2 (or more) causes, may I switch my nomination quarterly? Yes

4.  Will we be able to network?  Yes.  While the meeting will only be from 7:00 - 8:00 PM, when hosted at the gallery, the gallery will be open from 6:00-8:30 for those that want to meet like minded women from the area.

5.  Can I refer friends? Yes!  The more, the better.

6.  Can I attend a meeting without joining, or can I bring a friend?  Unfortunately due to capacity concerns,  members only can attend.

7.  Do I have to nominate an organization, or can I just attend and vote?  No, you do not have to nominate an organization, you can simply attend and vote.

8.  Can I be a team leader?  Please contact Heather Mammolito @ 631-774-2698 or

9.  Will each donor get IRS letters for the $100 donation?  Yes, it will be up to the 501(C)(3) that receives your donation to furnish you with a letter.  Please make sure to write your address or email address on the check so that the 501(C)(3) can send you the letter.

10.  Do I have to live in Huntington Township to join? No

11.  Does the 501(C)(3) have to be in the Township of Huntington?  The 501(C)(3) must be in the Town of Huntington and serve the Town of Huntington community or; if the filing or physical address is outside of the Town of Huntington, they must have proof that they serve the Town of Huntington and that the donation will go directly to the Huntington community.

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